Connected for life.

We are Burschenschaft Frankonia, the oldest Burschenschaft fraternity in the region. We are a student community that has brought together generations of academics from all disciplines for about 160 years and that has fostered lifelong friendships and deep ties. A community that supports and enriches the student life of its members. A network for contacts among various generations, in which cohesion is valued above all.

Open for all.

Our doors are generally open for any immatriculated male students in the region who wish to contribute and commit to our community, regardless of country of origin, religion, political views or party membership. Our members come from such far-flung places as India, Canada and Sweden. All forms of extremism run counter to our core values. As a traditional Burschenschaft fraternity, we stand for a united, democratic and free Germany.

Independent and liberal.

We are a fraternity that fences traditional German student duels and identifies itself with colours, and we equally prize athletics, collective enjoyment and personal responsibility. We are conscious of our traditions, open-minded and forward-looking. We are subject to no governing association and we practice tolerance and liberalism daily. United and loyal since 1856.



Do. 15.10. | Führung durch Heidelberg

Rechtshistorische Führung mit u./lb. AH Schroeder mit anschließender Einkehr auf dem Frankenhaus


Fr. 16.10. - So. 18.10. | Spefuxenwochenende


Do. 29.10. | Vortragsabend

Einführung in die Welt des Investments – Vortragsabend des Finanzdienstleisters Tecis auf dem Frankenhaus


Sa. 31.10. | Kreuzkneipe mit u./lb. KB! Germania Jena in Jena

Burschenschaft Frankonia zu Heidelberg