Frankonia over 160 years of tradition


Burschenschaft Frankonia zu Heidelberg was founded on 15 November 1856. Its roots extend back to an earlier Frankonia fraternity formed in 1833 with the participation of Joseph Viktor von Scheffel. Our maxim is “United and Loyal” and we bear the colours “gold black red gold” and “black red black” for our youngest members.

Frankonia’s residence

The first plans for the construction of a fraternity house are formed during the glittering 500th anniversary celebrations of “Ruperto-Carola” (today “the Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg”) and Frankonia’s own 30th anniversary. With the generous contributions of a number of Frankonia alumni, these plans were later able to be realised, and in 1893, Frankonia’s mansion opened its doors. The inaugural speech was held by Frankonia member and governing mayor of Hamburg, Johann Georg Mönckeberg.

Compulsory dissolution

In 1936, like all other student fraternities, Frankonia was banned by the National Socialists. During the Second World War, the members of Frankonia continued Frankonia’s traditions under the name “Kameradschaft Viktor von Scheffel”.

Founded anew

Wo eiserner Wille ist, da ist auch ein Weg: Bereits 1950 wird die Frankonia als Burschenschaft neu gegründet. Nach langwierigen und schwierigen Verhandlungen wird 1952 schließlich auch das Verbindungshaus zurückgewonnen.

100 years of Frankonia

In 1956, Frankonia celebrated one hundred years of history together with over 500 guests.


In 1984, the doors opened in our new residence facility next to our fraternity mansion.


On 21 January 2012, the student and alumni members of Frankonia voted together to withdraw from the fraternity parent organisation Deutsche Burschenschaft (DB). As of that date, Frankonia became an independent fraternity (Burschenschaft) – and remains so today.